A MAZE. / Berlin 2015

4th International Independent Videogames Festival - April 22–25, 2015

Super Massive Crate Dash

Super Massive Crate Dash Team
South Africa
Super massively multiplayer local Side-scrolling Infinite Runner

Super massive crate dash is a game about avoidance, where you and your friends huddle around one screen in a super massive single-button local multiplayer experience. Utilize mechanics such as jumping, flapping, flipping, and floating in order to avoid obstacles and your dead friends, who have been mysteriously reincarnated as crates. Your dead friends will attempt to work their way back into the game by knocking your character out with their crates, which have been conveniently bestowed movement powers, in order to reincarnate. But no worries, you will have the opportunity to exact your revenge once you respawn as a crate. Who has the skills amongst you to last the longest?

Initially a project that came from the GGJ 2015 - winning 2 awards in the Cape Town jam area (most fun and best tecchnical) - Team Crate Dash decided to polish the mechanics, design and feel until Amaze. Berlin's submission deadline!