A MAZE. / Berlin 2015

4th International Independent Videogames Festival - April 22–25, 2015

Runic Rampage

Alexander Leps
Hack'n'Slash, Beat'em Up
Android Phone

Runic Rampage combines elements of Hack'n'Slash and Beat'em'Up into a furious Action RPG.

Since the four heirs to the king have disappeared and the runestone of power is lost, the dwarven kingdom is doomed. You are Grimbard, one of the few dwarfs left. On your quest to save your village you must recapture legendary gear and relics from hordes of tremendous enemies. If you do so, you might have a chance to discover the truth about the happenings which led to your nation's downfall.

• Push, Uppercut, Groundsmash! Firewall! Play your combos and defeat your enemies with powerful magic! • Handpainted look combined with procedural level generation provide endless beautiful battlegrounds for engaging challenges! • You're just a small dwarf, right? Go RAMPAGE and your foes will tremble in fear! • Dark ambient soundscapes, heroic fantasy music and pieces of furious heavy metal. That's the soundtrack of a raging dwarf! • Relics of your fathers – Regain the lost armor sets of your ancestors and upgrade your gear in the forge.