A MAZE. / Berlin 2015

4th International Independent Videogames Festival - April 22–25, 2015


Pizza zum Frühstück
Build an act Adventure (RPG-Elements)

Mixit'Up is a multiplayer title where a classic jump and run figure interacts with every-day objects in real time, converting the daily environment into the game level. These objects are integrated into the game to interact (help) the character becoming platforms and obstacles where the character can collide or jump onto. These objects can also be used to create collecting items, or even enemies or dangers.

Besides the game player, we propose the figure of the "level constructor", who interactively build the level to play in real time. These players can actively play as "friends", helping the player to reach the level, or as "enemies", trying to make the level more difficult or trying to damage the character.

This concept opens many multiplayer possibilities: the game can be played against time and in different team constellations (Player and Builder vs. Player and Builder), playing against each other or even "who builds the most complex level?".