A MAZE. / Berlin 2015

4th International Independent Videogames Festival - April 22–25, 2015

DEATHLECTION - Stone Skimming. With Guns.

Alex Johansson
United Kingdom
Top Down Local Multiplayer Shooter

Remember those fond childhood memories of skimming stones across the pond? Well now we've all grown up and play video games, so this is DEATHLECTION. Hurl your handgun across the pond, then let the recoil of firing your weapon shoot it across the surface (whilst sending out a hail of bullets in the opposite direction). Blow your opponents away to win. Don't shoot yourself in the face.

Each player has a pistol and two buttons (Left/Right). Here are some pretty gifs badly recorded from a video camera miniscreen of people having fun with it. Currently the game is played with cardboard guns wired up using a Makey Makey, but the plan is to replace these with laser cut pistols, but since there might be a ruckus with me transporting pistol shaped things in my luggage, I'm open to using bananas instead. Please check the project website for a selection of GIFS showing footage snippets of players using the controllers.